Pool Repair

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Heller Concrete, Inc.
5101 Hornbeam Lane
Kitty Hawk, NC
(252) 261-3988
Hurricane Sandy-Oct. 28, 2012-Hatteras, NC
1 of Several Pool Deck Replacements/ From the side view, note the thickness of the pool deck,
previous Concrete Contractor had very pour grade work leaving a slab that was less than 4" thick,
this was a new pool that even without the storm the deck would not have lasted long.
This slab measured less than 3" in most places. This shows the difference in
quality of concrete work
, we see this all the time in repair work, poor grade, no
wire, bad finishes. Concrete Contractors on the Outer Banks come and go, we've
seen many. Don't be pulled in by super cheap rates & next day service. If they
schedule you quick, in most cases that means that they are not busy for a reason,
go with a
proven Concrete Contractor, Heller Concrete, Inc.
New broom finish, pool deck with 1' x 1' - deepened edge, brought up to a 4" slab for erosion control